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Bierloga pub

Welcome to the pub Bierloga which is definitely one of the best in Ukraine. So if you are visiting Kiev or you live here, this pub is a wonderful place to spend your evening in Kiev, Ukraine. In fact, German simplicity and originality of interior of this pub can really impress even a native German citizen.

Well, here Kiev actually loses its contours and starts to be a very unique part of old Germany with its ancient traditions and canons. Besides, in this Kiev pub Bierloga you can hold any business meetings, sport gatherings, huge birthday and other parties or celebrations, because you will meet only the highest standards. Of course, this pub is surely one of the best in Ukraine and it has 4 big halls which can suit the guests of different requirements and needs. There is also one hall for non smokers in this Kiev pub. However, in the hall for smokers you can also enjoy various tastes of kalian. In addition, if you are visiting Ukraine and want to learn a process of preparing different cocktails here, then you should certainly visit a hall situated near the bar of this wonderful pub Bierloga.

In addition, here in such a pub there is a very luxurious VIP hall and it can hide you from all the other Kiev visitors, thus providing you with a full freedom of actions. Moreover, if you visit Ukraine during the summer, then this pub usually opens very comfortable and cozy summer terrace. And this is a favorite place for many people to really enjoy icy beer in the shadow of convenient sunshades. If you want to enjoy playing billiard in the capital of Ukraine, this pub offers you the billiard tables of different sizes. For sure, during the evening time you can enjoy live music here in this pub. And this is a famous place to visit for many popular artists here in Ukraine, so you can meet celebrities face to face. In fact, many talented bands are ready to make you happy with the popular greatest hits and their own songs. Besides, there are only the best presenters, the most original programs and unforgettable shows! But the most exciting benefit of this popular place is clearly the cuisine. Many gourmets actually insist that it is only real and German cuisine here. Moreover, for those individuals who prefer European cuisine, you can definitely find here the wide variety of dishes of any possible taste.

And finally, here only fresh, top quality and also ecologically clean products are used. Without any doubt, the chief cook will certainly make any of your culinary fantasy come true. And he can even share with you the recipes of your favorite dishes!