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Capone pub

Well, if you are visiting Kiev, Ukraine for any occasion of you possibly live here in this magnificent city, then you should definitely visit this new place – Capone Pub. Here in this Kiev pub you will really enjoy the atmosphere of the 1930s and it will make you forget about the time and your daily problems and will make you simply enjoy fresh and very tasty beer.

In fact, in this pub you can find three halls – for smokers, for non smokers and also VIP. They are designed in different styles and have many various specific and stylish accessories, for example like paintings. And if to talk about beer in this amazing Kiev pub, it is the only place in the district which can offer you a wide choice of beer – more than 15. For example, the most popular types of beer in Ukraine are Leff Broun, Leff Blond, Kozel Svetly and also Blanche de Bruzelles, and you can taste all of them here in this Capone Pub, not every pub in Ukraine or even Kiev can offer you such variety. Moreover, in this pub it is allowed to take beer out with you. Of course, the menu of this Kiev pub is widening every week, thus growing in weight and variety, taking into account all the needs, requirements and wishes of the clients from any part of Ukraine. And if to talk about prices, we think that they can be considered as quite democratic, especially if to compare with any other pub in Ukraine. Besides, there is a very nice system of discounts for the regular visitors, and we are sure that you will also appreciate this kind of system! Anddiscountsvaryfrom 5% to 10% For sure, here are also very interesting and specific cocktails and drinks, which every person should taste at least once whilst visiting the capital of Ukraine. In addition, here in this place are usually held different thematic parties with a special dress-code, for example such as glass-party, 1930s party and so on. And here you will also enjoy live music of numerous directions, starting from chill-out and finishing industrial theme.

Moreover, every day of the week is marked with specific theme and party. For instance, on Monday there is a Staff party where you can have discounts on vodka and cocktails. On Tuesday there is a Sushi party where you can enjoy discounts on all types of sushi. On Wednesday there is a Beer party, so you will have discount on all kinds of beer. On Thursday there is a Cocktails party where everyone can enjoy again discounts on vodka and various cocktails. Thus you should definitely visit this place while you are staying in the capital of Ukraine!