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Kitsch pub

So you are in Kiev, Ukraine on business, travelling, have a holiday or because of any other reason. And thus you may certainly feel lonely, want to have some fun or simply spend a nice evening in any good and cozy place. Well, you are looking for a quality pub in the capital of Ukraine. We must admit that there is a good choice for a person searching for a proper pub here in Ukraine. But if you will turn to the Kitsch pub, believe us or not, you will have a wonderful evening in a nice place with many obvious benefits. And you will tell others about this pub after your trip to the capital of Ukraine. Without any doubt, the main zest of the Kitsch pub is clearly its design which combine elements of classic, modern, fusion and also minimalism. You will surely find this kind of design quite interesting and with a certain charm. Moreover, you will not find the same pub of this kind anywhere in Ukraine and even in Kiev.

In fact, Kitsch is actually a very nice pub which is situated in the center of the capital of Ukraine. And you will definitely find here a very laconic menu and also plentiful portions of various and tasty dishes. It is necessary to point out that Kitsch was a first place and pub in Kiev where you could order a popular organic-burger for a very reasonable price, not to say cheap. Of course, any admirer of sushi will be provided with sushi made according to specific author's recipes and for quite reasonable prices as well! Isn't it magnificent?

However, this is not all, there are some very pleasant additions to this popular pub – a wide variety of different drinks according to any taste or demand. And also it concerns an amazing and aromatic kalian. Many visitors say that kalian in this place is the best one in Kiev. For sure, here people from any part of Ukraine can hold any business meetings, entertaining parties, pleasant weekends or simple have a great time. There are two halls here – black hall and also light hall which is larger. Besides, those individuals who actually do not smoke will enjoy their time in the hall for non smokers.

And finally, here you can really enjoy quality music. It is also necessary to say that this place is both promo music bar and also fusion restaurant. And here every day various thematic parties are help, including many popular DJs, no matter which day of the week it is. Thus here you can have a business lunch, meet your friends before the night party. Moreover, you can also enjoy after-party as well and all in one place!