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Razgulyaevo restaurant

The Razgulyaevo is a big entertaining complex including restaurant, sauna, hotel and paintball ground. It's an out-of-town centre providing its clients with full enjoyment from a beautiful nature and picturesque landscapes, cozy parlours and excellent cooking. But don't be afraid that it is very difficult to get to our place, because you can easily reach it by your car just after 15 minutes way from Kiev. You will only get an extra time to enjoy different views.

The gastronomic restaurant of the complex is recognized to be one of the best in Kiev. The menu is represented mainly by the dishes of European cuisine. This delicious collection is crowned with a special Grill Menu, which has become the peculiar of the restaurant. Just imagine – twenty sorts of juicy and hot shish kebab are cooked by our chef on open air! True gourmets will find here a lot fish delicacies. Mix of Ukrainian traditional borsch and tasty Adzharian khachapuri can astonish even the most demanding restaurant frequenter! It's true that one doesn't know where to look being given our miscellaneous menu. The nutritious "Pan's Dinner", juicy mutton seasoned with the best spices and served with a delicious dressing (by the way, it's our chef's secret) - all this can make you fall in love with our place. As our clients have concluded, the best "lulya kebab" (minced mutton chops) are cooked at this Kiev restaurant. Our chef cooks the dish in five variations, each possessing its zest.

You would probably like to know about our novelties. Well, we are eager to tell you about one of them. The thing to be mentioned is our Italian menu. Its meals combine the best samples of Italian culinary art. Its sunny image adds to all the dishes unique features. Our establishment also offers a wide range of alcohol beverages. They perfectly fit meat dishes eaten on open air. The connoisseurs of wines would fine here one of the best wine collections among Kiev restaurants. In the evening you can enjoy light music compositions played outdoors. Romantic personalities can simply listen to nightingales' trills. We suppose it is better to have rest on open air, out of Kiev, that's why we provide all our visitors with summer pavilions. If you have come with your children, they would experience a lot of positive emotions owing to special activities conducted by our proficient teacher. So, both parents and their children can get complete rest at our restaurant.
Welcome to our place!